Principles of Branding

27 Nov

The question of branding is been the most essential part of marketing and this has been approached by many multi-dimensional models throughout the world. However, some of these techniques have been made without systematic approach or considering the full contingency of the marketing environment combining together the elements of ad hoc views. Unlike marketing it has been known for its famous and widely known 7P model, branding still misses out on some sort of basic structure which makes the backbone of all the branding story. This article aims to create a simple model to help people in successful designing of brands and also to better understand the existing ones.

Firstly, the brand must be made publicly known. A brand represents a smaller or bigger group who are somehow aware of the product or the service being offered. This is the prerequisite for all brands as individual knowledge without making information about the product or service public disables the evolution of a product or service into a brand. Making a brand out of a product or service is the primary task of all the marketing efforts which involves making the product or service widely known to the target market paying attention to the target segments, the demography of the area, the geographic location, media being used, timing and the communication methods been applied. Once discussions are initiated about a product or service and the information is shared publicly about a brand that is need of coupling or association related to the products or services. This means that we create stories around the brand giving it brand identity and personality that eventually delivers the brand vision and brand promise. This reflects well the narrative of a generic brand on different levels in the creative marketing plan will involve doing the same around a specific product of a brand while general brand stories are high-level only. It is important in creating such a platform that the seller builds a complete and multiplicative form of their product. A brand without a concrete product or service to buy remains useless and he doesn't believe on the brand promise. It important to note that the embodiment of a brand is an essential part of its nature. Lastly, it is important to build unique proposition around your brand. This ensures that the identity of goods is maintained while the products and services are visible to customers and it also prevents coping and forgery when the product goes out of the market. Once the identity of a product is built is important to establish the brand value on the axis predetermined by the existing market players. Low-end or high-end brands should work to fit the financial positions of your customers while maintaining the proper ethical values. Get ideas and tips from this site here at

With those tips, a brand can find its way into the market and increased sales into the business adding into the profitability of the company. Learn more about marketing at

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